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The following projects are in various stages of development.
Please contact us for showbibles and scripts for any production asset below.



Format: Feature Film, sci-fi drama


Neotopia is set in the 2050s in the last remaining city on Earth.


In a wild world running on limited resources, people live with ocular implants that digitally enhance the real world called the Layers, changing the mundane into interesting. Streets, rooms and people can appear differently, depending on your status and your Metaverse Layer.


The Metaverse is always on and uses sophisticated algorithms to guide each moment in a personalised heads-up display. People have given up their privacy in favour of a better visual experience. Those who live in Neotopia are given free housing, healthcare, food and power, but at one cost, they can’t switch off the Metaverse Layers.


The Layers track everything; behaviour, emotions, and conversations providing real-time visual suggestions of future events such as conversations, feelings, jokes, plans, food, health status and everything in between.


The Metaverse is now second nature, an extension of the mind.


Format: Feature Film, Drama

Omar, our protagonist, is a 12-year-old boy who is training to win a piano competition in the thriving cultural environment of the 1970’s in Syria.


Khalil, a temperamental yet brilliant retired pianist recognizes Omar’s talent and teaches him in the strictest methods, bordering on cruel. Omar's mother has a soft spot for Khalil as their love interest develops.


By performing in the competition, Omar sets out to win the love of his estranged father while impressing his childhood crush Talia.


This film explores themes of love, separation and conflict with an inspirational story of a boy’s emotional relationship with his piano teacher and father.

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thoughts & prayers

Format: Television series, comedy / drama.

We follow a jaded second-generation Pastor of a small rural church in middle America. After a head injury, he strangely starts to hear people's prayers and decides to act upon them with unintended consequences.

please like me!

Format: Television series, unscripted.

We invite 10 influential social media icons to battle it out in a beautiful location. Each day our influencers undergo a series of challenges as their followers support them with both clues and ‘likes’ to keep their favourite influencer on the show. An influencer is voted off the show by way of the least likes on their posts every day until one winner remains.

Our influential heroes start with basic supplies, they have to win back inner-city luxuries.  Influencers’ most prized possession, their phones are restricted more as they progress further in the challenge as we see them struggle with their phone addiction.


Dopamine meters measure their level of addiction to their phones and the depleted levels of happiness without them. The contestants may not know it, but social media is bad for their mental health, and they need a digital detox, away from their phones. 

Let’s see if their audience likes them for who they really are and who they portray to be online

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